Why Instagram Likes Are Important

Hi, is Igor Zuevich in touch Today I will tell you why Instagram likes are so necessary and important and how to make their number grow.

Why am I asking you to like every post Likes are not only a way to express your sympathy or approval for a beautiful photo and interesting post text. Every day the value of a heart increases, especially given the ranking of the feed on Instagram, more on insta auto liker.

What is a Ranked Feed If more targeted actions are made with the post: likes, comments, saves, then the Instagram algorithm will show it to a larger number of readers, the post will rise in the subscribers’ feed. Thus, not everyone can see a post with a small number of likes.
If you like a blogger’s account, do not skimp on likes, if you want not to lose his next posts in your feed. The fewer likes you give a blogger, the less often you will see his content.

Likes play a big role both in promoting on Instagram and in developing a further strategy for developing an account.

Likes on Instagram are one of the most powerful promotion tools. What is their role?
1 Increasing coverage

In order for your posts to be read, they need to be in high priority positions in the feed more often. As I said, Instagram shows everyone what is more interesting to him.

The Instagram algorithm determines the value of posts, including by the number of likes. The more there are, the more readers will see it. And if the post is bombed, then with a high probability it will fall into the recommended, and even to the top, then your audience will expand.
Like is an indicator of engagement, just like comments. The higher the engagement rate, the more valuable the account is for users. Based on the engagement rate, not only a news feed is issued for everyone, but also a general keyword search.

In addition to the global account rating, there is also a rating for each post. The faster a post gets likes, the more likely it is to end up in featured and top hashtags.

Like is social proof. The more hearts put under the post, the more people will read it.

People are always more interested in what is massive, fashionable and popular. Therefore, a post that gets 500 likes will be potentially more interesting than one that gets 50. Such a post is intriguing, people want to read it. And if the post is cool, then they will continue to read you!

2 Feedback

In order to understand where to go next in promoting your account, you need to analyze how correctly you are acting and whether you need to change something.
Likes are the easiest way to know if your content is interesting to readers. Likes are left by about 5% of your account readers.

Thus, you can roughly calculate how your account is developing from post to post, what to write about more often, and what might be worth revising. If you like your content, then you are doing everything right. If not, think what is wrong?

3 Affiliate promotion

To promote their account, they often use methods such as mutual PR, joint marathons and contests. Each partner benefits from this. One of the factors that will affect whether they want to collaborate with you is likes. If there are few of them, then the probability of finding partners will be negligible.

4 Emotional support

Fasting is labor, like can be considered payment for labor. If the post is useful, it’s nice to get approval in the form of likes.
Everyone likes to be supported and approved. Sometimes bloggers, not seeing the response of their readers and subscribers, abandon their account. This is why likes are so important as feedback. This is an indicator that shows what the readers are interested in. And this is an indicator of the blogger’s quality work.

Have you already realized how important likes are?

And now about how to make their number grow
1 Create awesome and awesome content

Is this the most reliable and honest way to get a lot likes for each post. But also the most difficult one … After all, it will be necessary not only to select bright and attractive images, but also to write emotional, interesting and catchy texts.

2 Schedule your posts

Your posts should come out at the same time and with a certain frequency. It is necessary to analyze when the activity is highest in the account and post publications at this time. You need not only a content plan for the day, but also the observance of the post release time so that more subscribers will read them.
3 Add hashtags and geolocation

Do not forget to put the correct hashtags and geolocation, because it is by them that you can find your post. There can be up to 30 hashtags and they must match the topic of the post. Geolocation should be set in accordance with the “habitats” of the target audience.

4 Be more active

Post daily stories, run live broadcasts, respond to comments, leave likes and comments to your readers, run contests and quizzes. Your account must have a constant «movement», l

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